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Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Birth Story

You can go to this link to view pictures: http://birthstory.shutterfly.com/pictures/9

My Hypnobabies Birth from Doula Natalie Sue on Vimeo.

So here is the birth story! I think I have a chance now, to sit down and type it all up. It’s going to be very detailed because I don’t want to miss anything! It was such an incredible experience, that I want to save it in my memory forever.

So here’s how things happened. For about a week, I started noticing that my Braxton Hicks would sometimes feel a teeny bit crampy every once in a while.  It was nothing major and hardly noticeable except for when I was sitting or lying down. I’d feel a little ache and then when I touched my belly, I noticed it was tight.  I was so excited that something was happening. With my previous two babies, I’d only get Braxton Hicks if I was moving around – exercising, walking, etc – and then my uterus would get tight. These ones, this time, were happening on their own. I remember posting on facebook when I had a good one that really almost felt like a contraction. I was that excited.

I still did not expect anything to happen too soon. Both my other babies were a week overdue and induced. I assumed that my body needed at least 41 weeks to gestate and I already had my list of natural induction techniques ready if I made it to 42 weeks – which I thought I probably would. Although, in the back of my mind, I was wondering if I would go earlier than I expected….with these new signs.

Sunday the 4th of September was a regular day.  Except for the fact that I actually got a nap!  It was wonderful. That evening we went to celebrate the upcoming birthday of our niece and had cake and ice cream. My neice’s birthday was on September 7th – which was also my “guess” date. She has down syndrome and was completely convinced that this baby was also going to share her special day with her.  For months she was telling everyone how “Natalie’s baby is  going to be born on MY birthday.” I just knew that she was going to be disappointed when her birthday came and went, and there was no baby. Little did I know…

Later that evening, as I was sitting down checking my email, I noticed that I was having more crampy feelings….about 9 minutes apart. It was SO cool.  I didn’t think it meant anything at all. Just some toning maybe.  Plus I still wondered if I’d be one of those women that would have several practice sessions before my birthing time began.

I went to bed, and expected them to go away like they usually did after I went to sleep. The only thought I had about that was that I wondered if these evening tunings meant that I ‘d probably go into labor at night…one day.

I woke up a few times at night, to use the restroom, and didn’t notice anything out of the norm. Then I woke up just after 6 am, like I often did. I got up to get a bowl of cereal. I noticed that I was still having some crampy feelings. So I sat there for a while, interested if they were rhythmic. I started timing them.  6:33, 6:40, 6:46, 6:52, 6:57, 7:03, 7:11.  I could NOT believe it. In fact, I decided to go back to bed, sure that things would stop again.

I woke up around 9. My little boys were so kind to entertain themselves with toys and movies that I slept so well.  I got up and a few minutes later, noticed that things were still going on! Pretty exciting! 

I figured that I better weed my flower beds, in case things were happening, since family would be coming over the next day, plus over the course of the next weekend. I was preparing my yard for my in-laws to come home, and for a sister-in-law’s wedding reception, so I wanted things to look nice. I got my iPod out and started listening to my Hypnobabies tracks. I listened to “Birthing Day Affirmations.”  I spent about 45 minutes weeding, and I didn’t notice too much of anything as I was moving around and squatting and kneeling. But when I stopped and paid attention, they were still there.

I texted my sister-in-laws and just after 10 am….I told them that something was happening. I wasn’t sure if it meant anything or if it would turn into anything, but that it had been going on for a while. I told them to keep their cell phones on.

I went inside and puttered around the house a little bit. I made some lunch for my kids and I finally called my husband. I told him to stay in service (he’s a farmer in the country) in case things decided to start happening. He said he was coming home for lunch soon anyway.

When he got home, I decided to take a shower. You know, shave my legs, just in case. Plus I was a little smelly from weeding and needed to get ready for the day. It’s also a great way to see if you can calm down pressure waves (contractions.)

While I was in the shower, I had 6 pressure waves. Nothing was interfering with them. When I got out of the shower, I texted everyone again.

It was about 1:30 and I told them that things were pretty consistent. I wasn’t sure if they were still going to turn into anything, but to stay tuned.

I also called my mom. It was Labor Day (funny huh? ) and she had planned a family hike and BBQ. She was 3 hours away from me, so I wanted to give her a heads up and see if she would have cell phone service on the mountain. She asked me if she should get in the car and come, but I told her that I was still not quite sure if today was the day. I told her she could go on her hike.

I decided to get a few things ready. I dried my hair and did my makeup. I tried to finish packing my hospital bags. At 2:30 when things were still happening, I started to get anxious for my far-away family to get on the road. I finally thought that this might be it. I had started timing the waves and they were 5 minutes apart. I could not believe it.  I timed them for an hour from 2:30 to 3:30 and they were consistent. I decided this was the day. Whoa.

That’s when I had a bit of a panic moment.  I started trying to call and text everyone, and no one answered. I mean, no one. One doula was in Utah, but had an induction the next day, my back-up doula was on vacation with her family, but was supposed to be home soon, and another back-up was also 9 months pregnant. None of my sister-in-laws were answering their phones and my mom and dad weren’t answering theirs. I started to cry. I was so worried that after all this planning, that no one was going to make it to help me.

I sent out a text:  Ah! Is anyone going to be able to come!?!

But I finally started getting some answers back.  Two of my sisters said they could come. My mom called and she was coming down the mountain to get in the car.  My local doula (who was also 9 months pregnant) could come and help. I started feeling a little more assured.

My husband wondered if he could go and bale some straw. I told him that I wasn’t sure how long I had, and that I would feel better if he stayed home. He pumped up my birthing ball for me and started packing some things. Cute little Jayden, repeated my request to my husband and said, “Mommy wants you to get her burp ball ready.”

My little boys were playing this whole time. They really wanted me to play with them, so I decided it was time they went somewhere else. I tried to play with their trains, but it didn’t last very long. They wanted me to hold them, but I couldn’t, so I figured I was really in my birthing time.

So I had to figure out what to do with them!  I had a friend text about scheduling visiting teaching appointments. I told her I was in labor. She offered to take my kids for me. What a life saver and what a blessing. I then called my 3 yr old’s nursery teacher to see if she could come spend the night at my house with my kids.  Wonderfully, she could. Things were working out.  The friend said that she could even keep the kids over night if I needed her to.

Mores sisters called. Whew. Another sister said she could make it to the birth, while 2 others, sadly could not. But I was okay. I now realized I had 4 women, plus my mom and my husband who would be there with me.  I was starting to feel okay about things. A room surrounded with 6 people who love you, would make a great birthing team!

My dear, dear, sister in law, Amanda came to the house to help me. It really calmed my nerves. She has been such a great friend and emotional support to me over the past year and a half with so many changes in my life, that I knew she would really help me at my birth.  She offered to take my kids to my friend’s house so that Ladd (husband) could take a shower. No, he did not get to bale his straw that day! I think this was happening around 4 o’clock.

We got everything packed and I started timing waves again. They were 4 minutes apart. I still could not believe it. I called my mom and she wondered if I should go to the hospital. I was thinking that I should, since the hospital is an hour away, and with my 3rd baby, I was timing waves 4 minutes apart. I still could not believe this was happening.

We left for the hospital a little after 5 PM and as we drove, I had my husband time waves for me. Some of them were 2 minutes apart. I sat there listening to my Hypnobabies tracks and focused and relaxed through the entire drive.  I still did not think that things were too intense, so despite my timing, I didn’t think the baby was too close. I was hoping to maybe be at a 4 or 5 when I arrived to the hospital.

I had let called my midwife earlier to tell her that things "might" be happening.  When I got to the hospital, I realized that I hadn't called her back to let her know that I was coming! Amazingly, when I got to L&D at 6:00 PM, they knew who I was and they put me into a room.

My CNM, Nicole, and the midwife in training, Patty, my cute pregnant doula, and  Amanda, were there to greet me.  Nicole checked me to see where I was at.  I asked her if she would tell me only whether I was more than a 5 or less than a 5.  She told me that I was less than a 5.  So she started telling me that I could go home for a while, or stay there for a couple of hours to see what happened. If nothing was going after that, I could still choose whether I wanted to go home. I just knew at that moment that I was a 3.  I asked if I could stay for a while. I really didn’t want to drive home, and have to drive back.

They put me on the monitors for 20 minutes to chart me. Never again would I be strapped to monitors though. Wonderful, huh?

So we went for a walk, down the stairs and outside. I stopped to breath through my pressure waves while Nicole and Dana (doula) rubbed my back. Then I had to go to the bathroom so we went back up to the room.  By that time, two more sister in laws, Whitney and Niki were there.  I was so grateful that Whitney was there. I really felt like I needed her there.  We have been to several births together, supporting each other and other sisters, that I just could not imagine having a baby without her.  The stars aligned and she just happened to be in Idaho with her other family.  Her mom was able to watch her kids, while she brought her 8 week old to the hospital to help me.  I was also so excited to have Niki there. She’s the kind of sister that everyone would want for an older sister. She is amazing in all that she does – basically is super woman and I really look up to her. She also has natural births and I knew she could help me to be strong. She also had a baby that she brought!  They both had babies and the hospital was so kind to not make a big deal of it and they let them come to help me.  I thought that was wonderful. We were missing three others in our usual birthing team. Tenille – who I knew I was going to desperately miss because I always envisioned her at my birth. In fact, when she told me she couldn’t come, I cried. But in the end, it was okay because so many others could come.  We also missed Angie – who was in another state, working, and preparing for a wedding, and Crystal who was even farther away.

Anyway, we all decided that we were hungry so the sisters left to go and get us Subway sandwiches.  During this time, I think I walked, listened to my tracks, and sat on the birth ball.  My midwife was wonderful and rubbed my back the entire time.

The waves were not too intense. They were very tight and I had to close my eyes and focus and breath through them, but they were not hard at all. I didn’t know if this was because I was around a 3 or if it was my Hypnobabies working. I’d take it though. Nice and easy.

I finally asked my midwife if I was a 3, and she said I was. Dang it.  We started talking about what I would do if I hadn’t progressed by the next check. I figured we could just go to a hotel so that we didn’t have to go all the way home.

At 8 o’clock she asked if I wanted to be checked again. I asked for one more hour and told her that the midwives  could go and eat some dinner and put their feet up. By this time, my sister in laws were back with some food. I didn’t feel like eating too much of it though, at this point.

They helped me through some waves by rubbing my back, etc. They were getting more intense, but not really closer together. I was feeling great.

At 9 the midwives came back and I decided to get checked.  She announced that I was greater than 5 centimeters and I started crying, I was so happy!  We were going to stay and have a baby!  I assumed that I was probably 6 centimeters. (I had my support team keep track of the real thing for me, and I found out later that I was right. I was a 6 at that point.)

I decided to get into the tub. Yay!  I was so excited for this because the hospital has some amazing tubs. And in every room!  They were SO nice.  Big, deep, Jacuzzi tubs in the corner of the bathroom. I also ate some sandwich since I know it’s a good thing to keep nourished during labor. And no one gave me a hard time about it.  Still wonderful.

By this time I was also admitted to the hospital, officially. I asked my CNM about all the questions I was supposed to get hounded with and she said I didn’t have to worry about it because they got all that information from my pre-admitting forms. So nice.

I did give them my birth preferences, and I think the nurse read them. I never got an IV! It was wonderful! No one ever asked, or insisted.

I didn’t notice too much of anything now, I was just doing my own thing.

The tub was great.  Waves were not any closer together, but they were getting more intense. This whole time I listened to my Hypnobabies tracks.  Everyone was commenting about how wonderful the affirmations were.  I loved them too and would repeat my favorite ones. I especially loved to smile and repeat the ones about how wonderful I was doing.  

There were a couple of cues that I learned in Hypnobabies. Interestingly enough, I thought I would like the cue of “Relax” with someone putting their hand on my shoulder. But it ended up that I loved the hand on my forehead. My sisters, mom, and husband were so great about this that every time they did it, I was able to relax during my waves.

I stayed in the tub for a couple of hours.  My support team helped me to concentrate.  I loved peppermint essential oil during this birth too. On my head, neck, and in my diffuser. Love peppermint.  

A couple hours later, my midwife wondered if she should check me.  In the tub, she could only tell that my bag of waters was bulging.

Since waves were saying a consistent length and not getting closer together, we decided to get out of the tub to see if things would move along.

At 11:30pm, my support team noticed that my waves were getting really intense. I just remember staying focused and concentrating on becoming “completely limp and loose” during each wave. 

I also got a little cold and got the shakes at this point, but nothing that a warm blanket couldn’t solve. I love those warm blankets!

I remember thinking how I loved these waves so much more than my pitocin-induced ones. These waves were so much more manageable. Because that’s exactly what they felt like. They felt like waves.  Going up and down.  The peak of the wave did not last very long at all, so I totally felt in control and felt like I could do it. Not once did I feel that I needed any medication or the epidural to relieve what I was feeling. I was totally doing it and I felt totally in control. 

I went and laid down in the bed to give myself a different position.  My support team was WONDERFUL. Seriously, birth is a nice spa day almost.  You get to soak in the tub and then you get massages for hours on end!

During this time, I was really concentrating and really listening to my Hypnobabies tracks. I did get nervous that if things were to get more intense, or if things were to get harder, faster, and stronger, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do it.  But then a wave would come, I would handle it, and then it would go away. I’d realize that I was okay and that I could just keep going.

Time did not seem to exist at this point. I remember looking at the clock and thinking how I didn’t even feel tired, even though it was getting late, and that time seemed to be going so fast.

At midnight, I was checked again.  She told me that I had made progress. In my mind, I told myself “no more than a 7” so that I wouldn’t get my hopes up.  Plus, I still did not think that I had shown any signs of “transformation” i.e. transition.  So I figured I wasn’t farther than that.

What I was, was a 7 plus. She told my birth team that I was almost an 8.

We decided to sit back up and work with gravity.  I walked around. Leaned on the bed, and got on the birth ball.  All I really remember is that things were intense but manageable. I loved that I was doing it and that I was just fine.

Throughout this whole night, I remember asking several times if my labor was going to keep going, or if it was going to stop and if I would really have a baby another day. I guess I couldn’t really believe that he was coming, and I was experiencing a whole new type of birth that was so much better than I expected.

At 12:30, I said that I had an achy bum, but that it didn’t seem like the pressure you normally feel (or should) feel as you are getting closer to pushing.

I felt so supported. My midwives were wonderful. Absolutely incredible. They were kind and they pampered me.  They listened to my baby with a Doppler  every 20 minutes during a few waves and that was all. I never was hooked up to the monitors again. The nurse would touch my belly during a contraction, but I would not even feel it. She was so nice too. She was so quiet and respected ALL of my wishes on my birth plan. My room was so peaceful and I felt like everything was going perfectly. Was I really at a hospital!?

There were people surrounding me and helping me. I didn’t know whose hand was on my forehead or who was rubbing my back or my feet, but I knew they were there and I knew I wasn’t alone. I heard words of encouragement from my Hypnobabies tracks and from my birthing team.  It was perfect, perfect, perfect. Everyone was perfect.

I was able to do whatever I needed to remain comfortable and calm.  I did not ever feel out of control.  I was able to make it through each wave just fine.

At 1:50, I felt more pressure, which I think, was probably my bulging bag of waters.  At this point, things are just blurry and I just kept going with what I was doing. I would change positions, go to the bathroom, drink fluids, get massaged, listen to Hypnobabies, etc.  I was a free woman to do what I felt my body needed, and I loved it!  During this time, a resident doctor had also been coming in and out so that she could see what a natural birth was like with the midwives. I was happy to have her there because I felt that more exposure to natural birth, the better.

I was checked at 2:50am.  Nicole said that I had made a little bit of progress, which was great.  She said it wasn’t a whole lot, but that it was good.

I was a little disappointed because I thought at this time that maybe it meant I was still a 6 or 7.  So I finally asked her to tell me what I really was.  She told me that I was an 8 and 100% effaced.  I can not tell you how THRILLED I was. I was elated. I was so surprised and happy. And 8!  I had made it to an 8!

She suggested that I get on my hand and knees or that I break my water. She thought that if we broke my water and let the baby come down, that I’d have him very quickly. Apparently he was still at a minus 3 station.

Well, this made me a little nervous. I really wanted my water to break on it’s own.  I also didn’t like that he was a high station.  I sat and stewed over the decision for a while. I knew that she could be right. I knew that maybe if I broke my water, that I’d have a baby in my arms very quickly.

I so appreciate my support team and my midwives for giving me my space and giving me a chance to think about what I wanted to do. There was absolutely no pressure, even though it was the middle of the night and everyone was tired. At this point, my midwife had been up for over 2 days, yet she still was peacefully respecting all of my decisions and let me make all of my choices.

I got on the bed on my hands and knees for a little while, meantime talking with my birth team about what I should do.  And I just have to say, at this point, I had to pee all…the…time. There was just not very much room in there!

I was going back and forth about what I should do at this point. Finally, I asked my husband for a blessing. He gave me some encouraging words of peace. Afterwards, I decided to have my water broken.  Again, I was doing just fine, so I was nervous that by breaking my water, that I wouldn’t be able to manage my waves anymore. I told everyone, “I will break my water if you promise to really help me through this next part. AND, I will only break my water if you start filling up the tub again.”

So 3:45 am, Nicole broke my water. I was prepared for an intense pain….that never came.  I got back onto my knees and leaned over the back of the bed so that I could also let gravity help that baby put pressure on my cervix. He had come down now, and I was ready to see him.

Amazingly, the waves I had, were actually easier. I don’t know if it’s because the pressure of a full bag of waters was released or what, but the waves were very comfortable. Everyone was there by my bed helping me and it was so nice. Of course, I also attribute my comfort to Hypnobabies! My tracks were still going!

I remember being completely relaxed but also calling out, “Why is the tub not being filled?”  No one really answered, but I found out later that someone went over to start it and my midwife said, “We’re not filling the tub. She’s going to have this baby.”

I also went back and forth to the bathroom since there was so much pressure on my bladder... I got so sick of getting up and down to go to the toilet, that I just asked for a bed pan. We were all laughing about it.  I could not believe how wonderful everyone was. I mean, my midwife was incredible. What a nuisance that could have been, but she just helped me like it was normal. I tell you, everyone there was incredible. I remember telling them all, “I have never been to a birth like this. And if I ever do, I will think it was the craziest birth!  Just call me the Peeing Princess!” That was at 4:10 am.

So this is the crazy part…..after these few very manageable contractions, I was still on my knees on the bed. Literally, ALL OF A SUDDEN, a wave came on and I was pushing!  I was totally consumed by this new feeling!  At first it scared me to death, it was so intense. I had absolutely no warning. I expected to feel pressure at first. I expected to feel grunty. I expected some transition signs or some pushing sigs like I had seen at other births. Um, no time for that!  He was right there ready to come out!  I roared like you could not believe. In that moment, I remember thinking “How can I do this for this long to get this baby out!”  But then, of course, the wave ended and I was surprised that all feeling went away, and I didn’t feel like I was going to explode. I got a little break. I realized that, of course, I was going to get breaks in between pushes. This made me feel a lot better. Yet, I was scared for the next one.

My wonderful husband and mom were in the perfect place for me. My husband was on one side of my head and my mom was on the other side. Just to know that they were there- two of the most important people to me- made me feel so much better. I could sense them there and I could hear their voices. They were perfect. Wonderful. Loving. Amazing. One rock on each side of me when I literally felt like I was hanging on the bed for dear life.

Then another one came. I reached down and could feel that his head was right there.  I cannot describe these moments. I felt completely inside of myself and I felt myself working and moving that baby closer and closer. I heard people’s voices, but I could not tell what they were saying. Part of it is because I felt like I was so loud. And when I say roar, I mean roar.

Another push came and I remember thinking that I just did not care if I tore, because I wanted to get him out…and out came his head!  I heard joyous noises in the room. Meanwhile, I could barely catch my breath in between all these pushes, it was so intense.

The next one came and with a couple of spushes, the rest of my little babe came out! What a great feeling. Oh, I just can’t describe what those last moments are like bringing a baby into the world. I was totally consumed. Totally primal, totally overcome, totally burning, totally strong.

And then he started crying. THE most beautiful noise in the whole world! I think my eyes were still closed at this time and I was soaking it all in.  The baby was behind me, but my midwife quickly handed him to me. He was born at 4:24 am. 

Oh the moment of seeing your baby for the first time! I will always have that picture emblazoned in my mind. Holding him and seeing him right there! We did it!

I turned around and held him close.  The wonderful baby nurse respected my wishes of using my own towels and we gently dried him off.  She got a warm blanket and I sat and talked to my precious baby. I also asked to make sure that he was a boy.

My midwife let the cord stop pulsating and the Ladd cut it. He mentioned that the scissors were much sharper this time than the last time he cut a cord.

My husband. I loved seeing the smile on his face. What an experience! He loves our babies so much. We were so happy to have this new little guy arrive with us. And I’m sure he was also relieved that it was over.

My placenta came out soon after…with a quite a bit of blood. So I did need some help to stop the bleeding, but it wasn’t bad.

I wanted to start nursing and the hospital staff was so respectful and let me hold him without any procedures done. They did check vitals and his apgars were 8 and 9. He did have a bit of meconium but I guess it wasn’t enough that I couldn’t hold him right afterwards. Which was wonderful. He never had to get suctioned either. So blessed.

After a few attempts, baby boy started nursing. Hooray! That’s always a nervous part for me now, because my first would not nurse. But this little guy was and I was so happy.

I was able to cuddle and hold him clear until 6 o’clock when I decided I was too curious and wanted to weigh him.  The baby nurse was so great and had patiently waited for me to decide this. She quickly took his measurements. 8 lbs 2 ounces and 20 ¾ inches. His head was 13.5 cm.  Then she gave him right back to me, only in a diaper so we could continue skin-to-skin.  What a GREAT experience.

This birth was absolutely amazing. I was so proud that I did it without intervention just like I had hoped.  I felt so relaxed and supported the entire time. The waves were so intense, but never did I feel like I needed an epidural for what I was going through. I always had, in the back of my mind, a wonder that if things were to get worse, that I don’t know how I would be able to do it. And then they never got worse. There were peaks that I thought were going to totally overcome me, but then, at that moment, then would ease off.  And my body was kind. Usually after an extremely challenging wave, I’d have an easier one the next time.  I don’t feel like I ever lost control.  I did have to vocalize a lot, but it helped me so much. Pushing was a whirlwind, but I only had to do that four times, and I had a break in between. 

When everything was over, I was so happy.  And I felt so great, I could not believe it. I really feel like I had the perfect birth. The hospital respected my every wish. My midwives were absolutely amazing and perfect. My support team was wonderful and never gave up on me. I felt so loved and taken care of. My environment was peaceful and I was surrounded with protection.  I could not have done it any other way. 

During this whole time, I prayed for strength and wisdom.  I really wanted to do my best and to make the best choices. I am extremely humbled by how blessed I feel I was. My birthing time was beautiful.  I cannot think of one thing that I could or would change.  I keep saying that it was a perfect birth, because it was.  It was the most incredible experience that I have had.  I know that I’ve typed a lot, but there are just not words in the dictionary to do my feelings justice.  I’m so grateful for this experience. I’m so grateful it worked out the best way possible. I feel so much humility for all of my blessings. What a wonderful, wonderful day!

My recovery has also been unbelievable. I felt so great in the hospital. We stayed on night and when I got up the next morning, we decided to go home because another whole day and night there seemed like it would be pretty boring.  Now don’t get me wrong. Recovery hasn’t been a walk in the park. There’s still the after birth pain, and the nursing that makes my toes curl, but I feel so much better than I could have imagined. I mentioned to my sister in law, that I felt bad cause it almost doesn’t seem fair that things have gone so well. She reminded me of my uterine infection, problems nursing, and my crazy post partum hormones with my other births. So I guess I’ve had my share of experiences! I’m just so humbled that this one is going so well!  I’m sold!  (Not that I could do it again tomorrow….whew!  But I’ll do it again in a couple years!)

And there you have it. The birth story!


Jessica said...

Yay!!! You did awesome, and what a beautiful baby boy you and Ladd have!! I totally related with you when you described the urges to push coming on so suddenly and strongly. It is such a crazy, primal feeling! Love, Love, Loved your story! Thanks for sharing!

Alicia said...

Oh, Natalie. You are adorable. I love your birth story. And I totally agree, that urge to push is like nothing you have ever experienced. That was the most surprising thing to me about Elizabeth's birth. I didn't experience anything like that with Abby, and then it hit me out of nowhere, and it was like my body just took over, and my conscious mind took a backseat. I remember thinking the same thing while I was pushing, too: "Can I really push long enough and hard enough to get this baby out?" And then I just decided it was happening, pushed as hard as I could, and she was out. And yes, I did a lot of vocalization as well, and some of those sounds coming out of my mouth were almost scary to me. That feeling afterwards is the greatest feeling I have ever had in my life, and I'm so glad you had it too. Congratulations on another cute little boy!

littlemisspretty said...

I cried! So sad I had to miss such a great event. Can't wait to come talk to you about it in person :)

Crystal - Prenatal Coach said...

Awwwww what a BEAUTIFUL birth story. Thank you for sharing Natalie!!

Heather said...

That was beautiful! What a wonderful way to welcome your baby!

Karen said...

You are fabulous! What a fantastic and beautiful experience! Congratulations again Natalie!

Marie Johnson said...

that was such a beautiful birth. I loved every minute of the story. You did so great. You are such a beautiful doula and now a wonderful Hypnobabies mom. Three cheers to you and may all your times with this child be blessed.

Enjoy Birth said...

I love that you were surrounded by so much love! What a wonderful birth for such a sweet little boy and his mom. :)

matheson memories said...

What a beautiful story, I wish that I could have been a fly on the wall to watch you go through that...Nevermind, I don't know if I would want to stay on the wall, I would want to come help you. I am so proud of you and your commitment to your baby. You are a beautiful momma with an incredibly handsome baby. Way to go Natalie!!!!

Shellie and Bryan said...

Wow. Such an inspiring birth! I am so impressed! You were amazing. I am so glad you had such a perfect experience. And you went into labor on your own! How awesome! Love the pictures too :)