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My name is Natalie. I am a wife, a mother of almost five boys, a doula, and a Hypnobabies Instructor! I'm passionate about childbirth and hope to help women realize the power that is in them to birth more normally and naturally. It's my goal to help women feel confident and comfortable during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Yes, it is possible! It's also amazing, incredible, wonderful, empowering, and life changing.

As a doula, I am a trained professional who understands and trusts the process of birth. I provide continuous care for the laboring mother and her partner. Studies have shown that when doulas attend births, labors are shorter with fewer complications. I attend to women in labor to help ensure a safe and satisfying birth experience in both home and hospital settings. I draw on my knowledge and experience to provide emotional support, physical comfort and, as needed, communication with the other members of your birth team to make sure that you have the information that you need to make informed decisions in labor. I can provide reassurance and perspective to the laboring mother and her partner, make suggestions for labor progress, and help with relaxation, massage, positioning and other techniques for comfort.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


If you have had a cesarean in the past, or if you have been told you need a cesarean in the future, this website is for you!


There are some great chiropractors these days. If you have been told that your pelvis is too small, visit a chiropractor. It may be that you just need an adjustment. Some chiropractors specialize in pregnant women and will even come to the hospital and adjust you while you are in labor! There is a technique they do called the Webster Technique. This is a pelvic adjustment that makes more room for the baby. Interesting, eh? Our pelvic bones are made to open when we are giving birth, so if everything is aligned, things should go smoothly.

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